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Photo Book - Cove of the Withlacoochee

Cove of the Withlacoochee


St. Petersburg Times, Aug. 29, 2006, by Jorge Sanchez: "Pristine Becomes Divine...", "The black and white images convey the beauty of the backwoods."

Citrus County Chronicle, Sept. 22, 2006, by Khuong Phan: "Reminiscent of the work of famed Florida photographer, Clyde Butcher, Montgomery's pictures are richly detailed, black and white images that capture the raw, natural ecology and beauty..."

Citrus County Chronicle, Sept. 29, 2006, by Mary Sue Rife: "Beautiful coffee table book... His work is extraordinary. This would make an ideal Christmas gift."

DAN'S NEW BOOK: The Cove of the Withlacoochee, an evocative name from the past is revived as the title for this presentation of photographs taken from the waterways and lands bordered by the Withlacoochee River and along Florida's Nature Coast. Using medium and large format cameras up to 8x10 inches for incredible detail and richness of image, Cove resident and photographer Dan Montgomery has captured the special beauty of this region's wild and sometimes hidden places.

Historians define the Cove of the Withlacoochee as the roughly 135 square miles between the Withlacoochee River and the Tsala Apopka chain of lakes, significant as the stronghold of Osceola and other leaders of the Seminole resistance leaders of the Seminole resistance during the time of the Second Seminole War. The photos in this book are from the 21st century and cover scenes of this varied territory from upon its seven rivers, within the forests and to the Gulf Coast, in and around the Nature Coast of Florida.


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