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Personal Notes:

Light, lenses, optics, and the science of vision have always held a fascination for me, therefore microscopes, telescopes and especially cameras have long been a part of my life. Several science degrees, a career in vision rehabilitation and decades behind the camera are the happy result. Another continuing love is the outdoors, especially the Gulf Coast of Florida. I feel most at home when I am poking along the Florida woods and waterways just seeing what there is to see. This online gallery demonstrates a convergence of those interests.

With occasional exceptions, most of these pictures were made near where I live along the "Nature Coast" of Florida. Staying local allows me to specialize, to concentrate on my home area and capture its best moments. I keep a mental list of potential photo sites along with ideas about time of day, time of year and even specific weather conditions that would best show off that particular location. Often five to ten trips to an area are required to capture it at its best. Many of the photographs displayed on this site are the result of repeated visits to that location over several years and most images demonstrate unique conditions that will never be repeated.

Each of these scenes spoke to something inside of me; I would be pleased if anyone else finds a connection. Thank you for looking.

Obtaining Prints:

This site is intended primarily to be an online gallery, though prints are available. Prints are archival quality, using Ultrachrome inks. Contact me for sizes and prices.

Technical Information:

These photographs were created in the midst of the ongoing, revolutionary transition from traditional film to digital photography. I believe that, at this time, the finest quality photographic reproduction results from film capture, but digital output. All these images were shot on film, most using 4x 5 inch and 8x10 inch, large fomat view cameras not unlike those used from the earliest days of photography. Some photos, especially those with birds in flight, were made with the 6x7 camera. The film was then scanned using a film scanner to create large digital files, often over 100 MB, with more image detail included than what can be obtained from any currently available, practical digital camera.

Computer "lightroom" work comes next, and typically consists of digital adjustments similar to wet darkroom work (adjustments to contrast, dodging, burning) but with much greater precision than was ever possible in the darkroom. I have a wonderful wet darkroom and I still use it occasionally but most of the time, digital is better. Contrary to some uninformed opinions, I find that "computer development" usually requires more time and expense than traditional darkroom work but allows higher quality, longer lasting and more consistent prints.

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